Did you Know...

  • Heartworms are referred to as the "Silent Killer" and can be DEADLY to both dogs and cats.

  • It only takes ONE BITE from an infected mosquito to spread heartworms to your pet!

  • Without prevention, your pet is vulnerable to heartworms and could develop costly infections.

  • Prevention is far more effective and less costly than treatment.

  • Available preventatives can eradicate the risk of heartworm disease, as well as fleas and other parasites.

  • Virtually 100% of dogs and cats exposed to infectious heartworms will develop an active infection.

  • Many dogs recover from heartworms with appropriate treatment, but heartworms cause severe disease and sometimes permanent damage. 

  • In cats, there is no effective treatment to kill heartworms. 

  • You can begin protecting your pets today!

Sign up here to have your pet's heartworm medication delivered directly to your home! 

Other Services Offered By Pawmetto Lifeline


Looking for a new forever Friend? We have many sweet, wonderful dogs and cats who would make a great addition to any family!

​Spay or neuter your pets!

Pawmetto Lifeline's Spay/Neuter Clinic Help prevent unwanted litters from being born.

Keep them healthy

Pawmetto Lifeline's Wellness Clinic will offer a wide range of affordable, high-quality veterinary services for animals in the Midlands community.

Mobile Vaccine Clinic 

Pawmetto Lifeline's (Care-A-Van)  is a true mobile vaccine service designed to provide pet owners with convenient access to low-cost vaccines and products to keep their dogs and cats healthy.